“Megan was an excellent communicator, the information was given to us in a clear and concise manner that kept us engaged”


I’d like a taste test

Choose from our menu of one-hour information sessions, delivered in a practical manner with real world examples. These sessions are an ideal way to get a taste of the full course of ‘How to talk so kids listen’.

Engaging Your Child’s Cooperation

Skills for toddlers to teens.

This session looks at 6 ways to STOP yelling and nagging, and start building respectful roles and responsibilities in a range of environments. Increase household harmony and learn how to get things done without the stress!

Building Little People

Skills for toddlers to teens.

This session explores ways to get kids to do more for themselves and feel better about themselves! Build your child’s positive self talk for the future by using simple statements and techniques.

Natural Consequences – An alternative to punishment

Skills for toddlers to teens.

Don’t punish to ‘get even’ or ‘pay back’ your children – scaffold methods of self talk to encourage children to CHANGE their behaviour for the future. Natural consequences teach kids to THINK before they DO.

Siblings Without Rivalry

Skills for toddlers to teens.

Sick of the fighting? Learn how to address each of your child’s needs individually, while scaffolding their problem solving as a team.

Preparing Kids for School – Ready, Set… Prep!

Skills for parents of pre-schoolers.

Learn skills to support the transition from kindy into school – emotionally, physically, mentally.

Early Communication – Look, Listen and Talk.

Skills for parents of young children, 0-5 year olds.

Before kids learn to read, they need to learn how to talk. Parents are their child’s first teacher – learn ways to engage and educate little people.

I’d like some skills to support my work

Choose from one of the following workshops:

How to talk so kids LEARN

Skills for educators in a learning environment of any age.

Find ways to build relationships in a safe, respectful environment. This talk looks at ways to acknowledge feelings, engage cooperation and free children from stereotypes in an educational setting. This is a TWO-HOUR workshop, with no limit of attendees.

Problem solving with under 5’s

Skills for early childhood educators

It CAN be done! This one-hour workshop is hands on, with attendees using a 5-step process to practice the problem-solving strategy.

Looking for something else? Key to Kids can tailor information sessions and workshops to meet your needs. Contact us today more information.

Learn More

I’d like the whole lot!

How to talk so kids listen – full course

US acclaimed ‘How to talk so kids listen’ is a comprehensive course which gives parents, educators and child-support staff practical, effective methods of communication that will make their relationships with children less stressful and more rewarding. All skills are applicable for children aged toddler to teenage. A minimum of 8 participants required to run a full course.

Each session topic covers:

  • Acknowledging children’s feelings, to allow independent problem solve independently
  • Engaging cooperation for everyday tasks, without yelling or threatening
  • Natural consequences as an alternative to punishment
  • Encouraging autonomy in children, while building resilience
  • Methods of praise which promote positive self-talk
  • Freeing Children from playing roles society has placed on them

This course includes:

  • Flexible delivery – choose a time from that suits you (e.g. one day or over 4 weeks)
  • Textbook and workbook (Imported from USA, total value of $45)
  • Email support for the duration of the course
  • Access to personalised email support for up to 1 year after the course
  • Extra resources, such as posters for home or work display
  • Guidance by an experienced Primary School Teacher and mother of two children

I’d like something personalised

Key to Kids offers home and skype consultations for a more personal experience, addressing individual concerns and developing a plan to solve problems and build harmony in your home.

15-minute phone call – FREE

Introduce yourself and give a snapshot of what you’d like to work on with your children. Key to Kids will offer one practical skill to instantly implement for an improved result.

Personalised plan – $295 

Once we’ve become more acquainted, Key to Kids will work with you to devise a plan with workable goals using a range of skills and resources necessary to achieve them.

In this one-hour consultation via skype or face to face (Brisbane only), we will ensure you are confident and well equipped to reach achievable goals within your home.

Key to Kids will follow up on your progress after two weeks, and offer 6 months email support, for your continued journey towards household harmony.

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