“Being a relaxed, happy person who enjoys life is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to a child”

-Dr Newmark,  ‘How to raise emotionally healthy children’


Key to Kids offer a range of practical strategies that WORK.

Knowing that simple skills are so easily implemented allows for parents and educators to focus on building relationships and growing harmonious environments.

You can choose from guest speaking and information sessions for helping you to engage children’s cooperation through to developing skills that will help you to educate young ones to speak.

For Professional Development and to further enhance your career options, Key to Kids offers a range of skill workshops that will help you to create safe, supportive and happy environments within your classroom, child care facility, health facility and home.

If you would prefer to have your tuition more tailor-made to suit your own unique circumstances, then consider a personal consultation. That way we can discuss the challenges you’ve been experiencing, work out what goals you wish to achieve, and you can be sure to get the support that you need to make them come to fruition.

Now you can focus on the things that matter; happy, independent and cooperative children.

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For less than half an hour a week, you can learn simple skills that can be immediately implemented to improve your relationships with your kids. Wherever you may live, no babysitter is required from the comfort of your own home – allowing you to feel less stressed and more connected with your children.

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Megan talks about 9 Keys to Calm Kids

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