Today many parents are struggling to balance busy lives – work, partners, extra-curricular activities, household responsibilities – not to mention the toughest job of raising children!

Working with parents, and having two young children of my own, I recognise these daily struggles and also the difficulty of fitting a lengthy course or program into an already overflowing life.

Key to Kids has the answer. Acknowledging the work of Faber & Mazlish’s ‘How to talk so kids will listen & Listen so kids will talk’, the 9 Keys to Calm Kids program is practical and designed to fit into your busy life.

In a recommended time of 9 weeks, this program offers insightful videos, real world examples and relevant resources that will help improve household harmony and your relationships with your children.

If you can commit to investing just one hour per week, you have my personal promise, I will guide you step by step towards changing a potentially hostile environment into a harmonious  one.

Sign up today to receive immediate access to:

  • 9 modules offering solutions to a range of parenting problems

  • Weekly lessons that you can work through at your own pace

  • Proven methods for toddlers through to teens

  • Videos giving real world context to the skills

  • Resources to support changes in your home

  • Individual email support

  • Lifetime access so you can revisit the lessons and repeat the course as many times as you wish

Key 1 – Key to My Emotions

  • Checking in with yourself – how your energy levels inform your responses
  • Self-control – harmonise your home with no more yelling, nagging or fighting!

Key 2 – Key to Balancing My Life

  • Finding quality time for yourself
  • Finding quality time with your family, including playing with your children
  • Meeting the needs of everyone – and staying sane!

Key 3 – Key to Routines

  • Routines for children that encourage them to take responsibility
  • ‘Strong willed’ children – power struggles and how to handle them
  • Homework hell… how to conquer it

Key 4 – Key to Conquering Bad Attitudes

  • Attitudes, manners and social etiquette
  • Dealing with hormones
  • Encouraging gratitude

Key 5 – Key to Eating and Sleeping

  • Food fussiness and meal time behaviours
  • Bed time routines and sleep success

Key 6 – Key to Healthy Screen Time Habits

  • Technology struggles – obsessive behaviours and how to set up boundaries
  • Dealing with behaviours as a result of screen time – ignoring, defiance, ‘I’m bored’

Key 7 – Key to Supporting their Anxiety

  • Anxiety – at school or in social settings… how to help them through their fears
  • Resilience and independence – helping them fix their own problems

Key 8 – Key to Survive the Fighting!

  • Sibling rivalry – verbal and physical fighting – how do we intervene successfully?
  • Problem solving to meet everyone’s needs

Key 9 – Key to Sibling Rivalry

  • Competition between siblings – fighting for your attention, time and love.  Who wins?
  • Good kid/bad kid routine – why they always play a role
  • ‘it’s not fair’ – equity vs equality

All this for a total investment of just $150. What’s more, these resources will be relevant as your child grows! They are yours for a lifetime of successful parenting.

Why continue to struggle when these simple skills are at your fingertips?

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