Why we need to let our kids cry it out

I’ve been a parent long enough now to know one thing for sure – there is no magic wand. Eager parents come along to my talks and workshops hoping to get that one key tip that will make their life eternally easier… I’m sorry to disappoint. Parenting is hard, relentless [...]

March, 20th 2019|

A beginners guide to step parenting

As a mum of two kids, I have my hands full.  Dancing, footy, musical instruments, homework, play dates and family.  My life is full and busy and active.  And then I fell in love with a man who has three kids. In case you need help with the maths, 2 [...]

February, 6th 2019|

I never meant to be a single parent

Recently I disclosed on my Key to Kids Facebook page that I was a single parent.  These were words that I never thought I’d need to put into a sentence, let alone go through the process of adjusting my children to a world where their parents live in separate houses. [...]

February, 6th 2019|

Send your kids back to school with a smile using these 5 tips

Ready or not, school is about to start for another year.  For some parents this will come with a sigh of relief, but for others a sadness or anxiety about the conveyor belt of life cranking up once more. Regardless of which camp you are in, there are a few [...]

January, 22nd 2019|

Teaching gratitude this Christmas

If you’re like me, it’s around this time that you start thinking about what to buy your kids for Christmas.  While this should be a joyful and simple task, every year I come up with the same question – what do my kids actually need?  Is there anything they’d like [...]

November, 8th 2018|

Why doesn’t my life look that perfect? The social media trap…

It would easy to believe that everyone else is having a better life than you if you took social media at face value.  Everyone else has perfect kids, go on perfect holidays, have the perfect partner and never, ever have a problem in the world. Having said that, I’m pretty [...]

October, 22nd 2018|

How to raise an emotionally healthy kid

As a parent we are conditioned to not allow our kids to ‘get away’ with behaviour that we deem inappropriate. “Don’t storm off while I’m talking to you!” “Don’t answer back to me!” “Don’t use that tone!” Sure, general courtesy is expected when we relate to our children – and [...]

August, 28th 2018|

Bonding with Essential Oils – The Power of the Senses

"I feel that the importance of physical touch between a parent and child is so valuable. Applying essential oils to my children in the evening really encourages me to take that time to just ‘be’ with them after what is usually a busy day. I feel the connection and I [...]

July, 30th 2018|