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3 Ways To React When Your Kids Are Trying To Kill Each Other

It starts from a very early age.  The yells and screams from the next room, shortly followed by tears and ‘MUUUUUMMMMMM!’ You guessed it, siblings at war. Why are our kids so determined to win the battle against the person who they supposedly love?  It can be over the smallest thing but neither will budge [...]

2020-02-02T14:33:44+10:00January, 31st 2020|

Feeding The Monster… How does Meal Time Fussiness Begin?

The famous saying 'I was the perfect parent before I had children' rings true to many parents. Judging eyes or unwanted opinions may say things to you like "If that was my child, they'd have to eat it or starve", or "what that child needs is a good smack!" However, only YOU know what it's [...]

2020-01-08T08:21:50+10:00January, 17th 2020|

Are you making these mistakes on your weekend?

It’s always around this time of year that I realize the summer has been hanging around for quite a while and I haven’t made the most of it.  During winter months I would dream about warm days at the beach, the kids blissfully catching some Vitamin D, away from their devices and creating memories for [...]

2020-01-06T07:55:42+10:00January, 6th 2020|

Are You Lying To Yourself?

How often do you check in with yourself?  I mean really assess where you’re at on the happiness scale of life? I often talk about getting caught up in the rat race of life, and this can be good and bad.  It can be good, because if you are rating very low on the ‘happiness [...]

2020-01-06T10:09:06+10:00January, 6th 2020|

5 Podcasts For Busy Parents

In the past couple of years I started listening to podcasts.  The odd friend would ask if I’d listened to this one or that one and I began to think perhaps I should give them a go. Originally, my ‘saved’ library was filled with self-help, mindfulness and parenting.  I would set my ironing board up [...]

2020-01-02T14:55:05+10:00January, 2nd 2020|

Why We Need To Fight With Our Kids

It’s never nice to experience conflict.  When it comes to our kids, there are many reasons for us to feel frustrated… leaving the towel on the floor, the dishes in the sink, attitude and rolling eyes – the list goes on. While we all strive to have amazing relationships with our children, it’s important that [...]

2019-10-26T16:44:46+10:00October, 26th 2019|

5 Ways To Juggle a Family And Work Successfully

My life is a timetabling nightmare – and I’m guessing I’m not the Lone Ranger there. With two children who have school and extra curricular activities 5 days a week, I have two jobs and a partner who works the best part of 12 hours a day (when he’s not travelling) – let’s just say [...]

2019-10-26T16:43:26+10:00October, 26th 2019|

Walking the fine line of step parenting

I’ve openly shared through Key to Kids that I am a step parent.  It still feels strange to say that, and it certainly is not something I ever thought I’d be.  I recall different people I encountered over the years mention that they had a partner with children from a previous marriage and I never [...]

2019-11-05T07:10:51+10:00October, 13th 2019|

4 Ways To Manage ‘The Mental Load’

I’ve just come back from 6 glorious days of holidays, and I’ve even had the opportunity to rest without my children.  This is definitely one of the perks of having a separated life from the father of my children – I don’t feel guilty because they need and want time with their dad. Having said [...]

2019-10-03T15:31:50+10:00October, 3rd 2019|

Avoid bad habits these school holidays with these 4 tips

Once again we are faced with the joy and dread of school holidays. I’m speaking personally when I say I’m celebrating the fact that I don’t have to have school lunch boxes ready, have uniforms washed and be constantly encouraging my kids to keep moving. But the dread might not be what you think. I [...]

2019-09-23T12:59:12+10:00September, 23rd 2019|