Support More, Judge Less by Amy Piers

I was the world’s best parent... until I had kids. I literally used to teach parenting strategies for work before becoming a mum myself, and while I still stand by the content that was taught, I was missing a vital piece of the puzzle. Now I have a toddler, the school of life has brought [...]

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3 reasons why you come first

Here’s the buzz word: Balance. Work life balance. Parenting balance. Household balance. Social life balance. Is anyone feeling a bit dizzy? I recently listened to journalist and author Mia Freedman speak on this topic. She’s written a book called ‘Work Strife Balance’ because she thinks the idea of a perfect balance in life is a [...]

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My child would never do that! Or would they…?

“My child would never do that!” Have you ever found yourself on the defensive when it comes to your kids? After all, who knows them better than you? As a teacher I used to raise an eye brow to parents who gave me this response. I’d rationally wonder why and how they could believe everything [...]

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3 Parenting habits to avoid in 2018

And so it begins, another year and an opportunity to reflect on ways you wish to conduct your life. Whether your intentions are a direct result of poor habits formed in 2017, or inspiration from outside sources, it’s the perfect time to put some goals and boundaries in place to begin your year on a [...]

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5 ways to improve meal time: from circus to civilized

There are very few essentials in life, things we need to stay alive.  Food. Sleep. Air. So what if you can’t get past one of the first essentials – food?  Surely it can’t be that difficult to ensure our children acquire this ‘need’ regularly? Well, based on the conversations I’ve been having with many parents [...]

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Eye rolls and back chat… How to approach (carefully)

You’re in a rush, your list of jobs to do is as long as your arm, you’re tired, dinner isn’t prepared and you’ve got another two appointments to fit into your day.  Just another day as a parent. But the minute you try and get your kids to help and alleviate your responsibilities in the [...]

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Can we tame the ‘strong-willed’ daughter?

As the age old saying goes ‘I was the best parent before I had kids’, I also remember watching my friend’s daughter change her outfit several times during one play date, thinking ‘my daughter would never do that’. I eat my words. What’s more is that my strong-willed Miss 7 has an opinion on each [...]

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Where our education system is getting it wrong

Three years ago, I left my highly sought after permanent position as a teacher because like so many other teachers I spoke to, I was fed up. Fed up with the red tape which bound me to data records as opposed to my students. Fed up with a jam-packed curriculum that did not allow for [...]

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3 ways to weather the storm: parenting through tough times

When life is ordinary, it’s the little things that drive us nuts about our kids; not changing the toilet roll, forgetting to put things away, refusing to eat their dinner. But when life turns upside down these things fade into insignificance and we wish these were the focus of our daily battles. I was recently preparing [...]

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3 Things to consider when reading your child’s report card

We all love feedback right?  It's important to get an assessment of our achievements in order to reassess our goals.  But is this the way parents view their child's report card? Funnily enough, I see parents taking their child's grades as a confirmation (or condemnation) of their ability to parent.  So, let’s ask the question – [...]

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