“This course is a game change when it comes to parenting and this course, by far, has made the biggest impact on my families lives, I can’t recommend this course high enought to anyone with children!”

– Kate, Mum of 3

Megan Warren

Megan Warren is a qualified teacher and mother of two, with over 14 years teaching experience in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has taught children ranging from Prep to Year 7 and has a particular interest in behaviour management. Megan has been recognised for her communication skills through leadership in school behaviour management committees.

In 2011 Megan participated in a parenting course entitled ‘How to talk so kids listen & Listen so kids talk’ which immediately resonated with her teaching philosophy and quest to be an effective parent to her two young children. Her enthusiasm for the values behind ‘How to talk so kids listen & Listen so kids talk’ subsequently led her to organising the course at different venues before commencing her own facilitation of the program in 2014.

Megan has now resigned her teaching position to focus on the development and marketing of this program to a wide group of parents and educators in childcare, kindergartens, schools and community groups. Megan is passionate about helping parents and educators achieve harmonious and happy relationships with children through improved communication techniques.

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